Collin County
Precinct 60

2024 Conventions

There will be Three  Conventions

1.  Precinct Convention  -  Saturday, March 9, 2024  (Collin College McKinney Campus, 2200 West University Dr, Room F110A)

The Precinct Convention is the first step in the political convention process.   YOU MUST VOTE IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY TO ATTEND, or sign an oath of affiliation! 

The convention is called to order by the precinct chair. If the precinct chair is not present, any participant may begin the meeting. . There is no minimum number of people who must be present to hold a precinct convention. If you are the only person present, you can still hold the precinct convention.

The purpose is to consider and vote on any resolutions presented by any of the participants The completed paperwork must be submitted to the county Republican party two to three days after the precinct convention is held. More information here.


2.  Senatorial District (SD) 8 Convention - Saturday March 23, 2024 (Collin College Spring Creek Campus, 2800 E. Spring Creek Pkwy, Room AA135)

A Senatorial District (SD) Convention is held when the county is divided between two or more state senatorial districts. The temporary senatorial district chairman is elected by the precinct chairs within that county’s state senatorial district.

Anyone may attend the convention as a guest. Only those individuals who were elected by their precinct can be delegates and alternates at the county or senatorial district convention.  Attend the precinct convention or notify me if you want to be a delegate to the SD convention.

Delegates to the county or state senatorial district convention elect permanent convention officers, elect delegates and alternates to the state convention, and consider and vote on resolutions.

Committees may be used to do some of the preliminary work for the convention. For example, a nominations committee may be elected to consider those wanting to be elected as delegates to the next convention, then present a slate of delegates and alternates for the convention body to vote on.

The resolutions committee may be elected to consider resolutions, then present a resolutions report for the convention body to vote on.

Note:  If you are interested in attending the State Convention, you must attend your Precinct Convention, nominate delegates (including yourself) to the senatorial convention, and then nominate delegates (including yourself) for the State Convention.


3.  State Convention - May 23 - May 25, 2024 (San Antonio - Henry Gonzales Convention Center)

The state convention will be held in San Antonio at the Henry Gonzales Convention Center.  Attendees must be nominated at the SD convention to move on to the State Convention. 

For more information about future State Conventions, visit  If you cannot attend in person, you can watch livestream on Facebook or YouTube