Collin County
Precinct 60

Welcome to Collin County Precinct 60


I'm Cindy Meyer, your Republican Precinct 60 Chair. I serve as a resource for information pertaining to all elections and I'm your neighborhood link to the Collin County GOP. It is and has been an honor to  serve the residents of Parker as Precinct 60 Chair since 2015.

As your Precinct Chair,  I will be happy to answer questions you may have regarding upcoming elections and supply information you may need to make wise choices. 

You can help by encouraging your friends to become familiar with candidate's principles, convictions and history, so they too are informed and vote wisely. 

Every election is important!


Leadership Matters!

Here in Collin County, we need to continue having exceptional elected officials who stand strong in the face of crisis, with leadership that protects our liberty and guards our constitutional rights.

We’ve seen a stark difference between elected officials across our country --  anarchy, socialism and upheaval vs. protection of constitutional freedoms. One tears down vs. one that builds up and empowers.

Now, more than ever, we need YOU to to help keep Collin County and Texas Republican strong!  All races are critical. Do your research before you go to the polls!  If you have questions on candidates, please contact me.


What you should know...

Each and every race is critical in the protection of freedom. The Republican candidates who win the Republican primary will be the candidates on the November ballot.  Keep Collin County the best place to live, work and raise our families.


Get Involved! Attend the Republican Conventions 

Every two years the Republican Party has conventions: starting at the Precinct Convention, then the Senatorial Convention  and up to the State Convention.  All Republicans at the Precinct Level (must have voted in the Republican Primary or sign an Oath of Affiliation) are invited to attend our Precinct Convention